Haiku 12/31

Don’t dim your sparkle

To blend into the shadows

Be your brightest star



Some days I wish I were normal. Mediocre. Average. Our world is designed for the average to flourish. But I’m very abnormal. And it’s hard. But I’d rather be myself than be miserable trying to be anything else.

So for all of you sparkly stars out there that are driving yourselves mad just to fight to fit into a group that will never truly understand you anyway, remember you— as you are — are your greatest gift to the world. Dare to be true to YOU!

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Haiku 9/31

Plowing through hassles

I am capable and strong

I can accept help

Asking for help has been tough for me. In my life, historically, asking for or accepting an offer of assistance has always come with a string or two — a hidden tit for tat clause. I don’t like feeling like I owe someone something or that I’m always under their debt and control because I accepted a favor.

So I’d rather just do it myself. Even if it’s the hardest or most complicated path, I’d rather do it alone and know that I am free from anyone’s leashes or expectations. But I’m softening. I’m learning that there are genuine gifts. I’m learning that I don’t have to wear all hats and handle all tasks and manage all things. I’m learning that some wonderful gems are happy to help because it is their pleasure to assist — not because they’re making a downpayment on a future favor; not because they’re holding a pot of boiling water over your head until you repay the gesture; not because they feel entitled to your time, energy and submission.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by people that give and love and help for giving and loving and helping’s sake. As I look at my friend-circle, I see genuine support and care, not leverage or manipulation. I see it in my church. I see it in my GirlGang. This is God. Caring for your neighbors and never standing idly by watching them struggle to their feet. This is what it means to hold each other.

It is a beautiful gift to help others. It is a more humbling gift to accept help.

Cheers to the best friends and the most sincere care.

Haiku 7/31

“Butts farts butts boobies

Fart fart poop …I love you, mom.”

My life with three sons.

New family rule: sure, you can talk about butts and farts all day long! But you have to do it in the bathroom. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ (This goes into effect after the first joke because let’s be honest, farts are kinda funny)



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Haiku 5/31

Brilliant talent serves.

With strength, purpose and passion,

She brings home the crown.

Octavia reese haiku a day

Today, I’m judging a pageant in Wisconsin. This one is dedicated to the Miss America program and all the incredible women that cross one of the hundreds of stages across America each year.


Thank you, 2018

I normally post these reflections on Road to Relovery, but 2019 has a new vision for that — you’ll see more of my thoughts here. Well. What a year.

When I first stepped out to reinvent myself and really become the person I always wanted to be, I adopted a mantra to get me through the tough times: #andshewillflourish.

Sidebar, this has oddly come full circle. I quoted Louis C.K. in the article linked above, and here we are four years later, I am rising, and he is, well… learning…


I needed to remind myself that no matter how dark the night is, the sun will always reappear. I told myself just as winter always comes, so does summer. I reminded myself that when you go through something difficult, you still go through it. Through. Motion. Movement. No one says “I’m going into something never to emerge again.”

No, you go through. And so I told myself, when you do go through, and through you will, you will flourish. You will be fine and you will flourish.

And so, while not short, or easy, or seamless, or fully pleasant, or smooth or comfortable, I am going through something and finally seeing that light at the end.

I have a lovely home. My boys are thriving. I have incredible friends. I adore my circle of chosen family. I transformed my hobby business into an official business. I republished my first three books in the format I always dreamed. I sold nearly 400 of them. Independently. I’ve started two other novels. I attended 15 events in the name of The Hibouleans. I have about 50 consistent subscribers to the first podcast my business launched just three months ago. And all of this… within the last year. I’ve kept my head down. I’ve stayed focused on tiny wins. And so. When I stand up and look back, I see how much land I’ve covered and how many mountains I’ve scaled. And no, I didn’t do it alone. Keep your friends close, kiddies. The real ones. The have your back in many moment ones.

I’m happy. I’m content. I’m not just good — I’m thriving.

2018 has been good to me. And as this year, finally one more full of abundance than scarcity, closes, I am looking forward to 2019. Because my mantra has arrived. Flourish. There’s no more #andshewillflourish; the will is gone… she is flourishing now.

Octavia Reese BESTNINE

Looking back on those early adventure days, I used a fun goal – A Word A Day – to keep trekking along on my Road to Relovery. This year, I’ll be doing A Haiku A Day. I haven’t written a haiku since fourth grade. This will be fun.

#staycurious #sheisflourishing