The Hibouleans Vol 3

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The Hibouleans Vol 3 Octavia Reese


The Hibouleans Vol 2

The Hibouleans VOL 2 Octavia Reese

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The Hibouleans Vol 1


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Octavia Reese abracadabra
Abracadabra: I create as I speak • Octavia Reese 2017

The Hibouleans

Fourteen year-old Taryn doesn’t have a social life to be slain in walled-off forgotten Detroit. Plagued with a strange rash and haunted by dreams of her late mother, Taryn avoids human contact as much as possible. But when her grandmother goes missing, Taryn finds herself in the middle of a cyclone of  deception and she is suddenly racing against the clock to save the Hibouleans, terrifying shapeshifting relatives she never knew she had. Along with newfound purpose, confidence, her best friend and, awkwardly, her longtime crush, Taryn embarks on an adventure that transforms not only her inner narrative, but reshapes history for her people.

Commercial Fiction, Young Adult Novella Series

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  • Volume 1: Bad Day
  • Volume 2: Lithius
  • Volume 3: Family
  • Volume 4: COMING SOON

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Rivka crawled miles just to touch his hem. What happened afterwards is a series of miracles the Bible left out.

Commercial Fiction, All Audiences


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Hem, a novel by Octavia Reese